Snow White by Brothers Grimm

Snow White by Brothers Grimm
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Snow White is a classic fairytale written by the Brothers Grimm. It tells the story of a beautiful young woman who is forced to flee her home after her jealous stepmother tries to kill her. Snow White takes refuge in the forest, where she meets seven friendly dwarves. But when the wicked queen finds out where Snow White is hiding, she plots to kill her once and for all. With the help of her new friends, Snow White is able to defeat the queen and live happily ever after.

The story of Snow White

The Brothers Grimm collected and published it in 1812 under the title Kinder- und Hausmärchen. It was first translated into English in 1823 by Edgar Taylor and has been adapted to various media, most notably the 1937 Walt Disney animation Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney’s first ever feature film. The story’s title in German is Schneewittchen, literally Snow White. It is also known in English as the Rose Red and Snow White fairy tale.

The tale features a jealous queen who orders her Huntsman to take Snow White into the woods and kill her. Snow White is instead brought back to the queen’s castle by the Huntsman, who tells her she can stay in a room in the castle and be his servant. The queen learns that Snow White is still alive when she visits her secretly and finds Snow White brushing her hair. She becomes enraged and orders the Huntsman to take Snow White back into the woods and kill her. However, he instead lets her go. Snow White comes across a cottage inhabited by seven dwarfs and decides to take refuge there. The queen, disguised as an old peddler woman, visits the cottage and offers Snow White a poisoned apple. Snow White bites into the apple and falls asleep. The dwarfs, not knowing what to do, place her in a glass coffin in the woods. A prince who has been searching for Snow White finds her, and when he kisses her she awaken. They live happily ever after.

The moral of Snow White

The moral of Snow White is that beauty is only skin deep. Snow White was a beautiful young girl who was vain and worried about her looks. She was also very kind and good. The queen, her stepmother, was jealous of her beauty and tried to kill her. However, Snow White’s goodness and kindness won out in the end, and she survived to live happily ever after. This story teaches us that it is better to be good and kind than to be beautiful.

Snow White and the power of friendship

One day, while the Dwarves were out working, the Queen came to the cottage disguised as an old woman. She offered Snow White a poisoned apple, and Snow White took a bite. The Queen then ran away, leaving Snow White to die.

The Dwarves came home and found Snow White lying on the floor, not breathing. They were heartbroken and didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, one of the Dwarves had an idea. He took Snow White out into the forest and found a deer. The Dwarf asked the deer to give Snow White a magical kiss, and miraculously, it worked! Snow White woke up and was alive again.

The power of friendship saved Snow White’s life, and she lived happily ever after with her new friends, the Seven Dwarves.


Snow White by Brothers Grimm is a timeless classic. It tells the story of a young girl who is forced to flee her home after her stepmother tries to kill her. She takes refuge in the forest and meets seven friendly dwarves who help her survive. The story has been adapted countless times over the years, but the basic plot remains the same. Snow White is a classic fairy tale that has stood the test of time. It is a story of hope, friendship, and courage that continues to enchant readers of all ages.