Song of Myself Short Summary

Song of Myself Short Summary
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This is a poem by Walt Whitman and uses the word myself to represent the speaker.

An Overview of the Story

Whitman views himself as a hard-working American who is also a figure of mystery and also one with his universe. Whitman expresses his ordinary nature instead of providing the details of the nature of his unique thoughts and feelings. The ordinary nature he portrays is comprehensive and absorbs every American from the past future and also the present. The awareness makes the speaker of this poem much greater than him. He, however, reveals the uniqueness and greatness are accessible to everyone.

Song of Myself aims at revealing that the idea of individuality is just temporary but also transcendent. The tone used is mystical and full of joy. According to the poem, life cycle keeps getting renewed constantly, and hence, death is conquered. If the knowledge is absorbed by each person, everyone will feel connected to all life, and hence, they will be able to conquer mortality.

The poem contains many modulations from the beginning to finish. Fifty-two sections of it elaborate the theme of constant renewal that is life. There is a deep description and also emotion between the soul and the body. This poem is powerful in the illustration of physical identity. It sees sexuality as part of humanity, and the pretenses are ignored by Whitman for the sake of achieving the truth about identity which includes some truths about the human body

The poem carries no rhyme and is written in the form of free verses. This was the right choice by Whitman when exploring themes such as nationality, identity, and transcendence in a country that gives the people freedom. Out of the different racial gender and ethnic identities, and also his complex identity, Whitman forges a transcendent identity that is epic.