Song of Solomon Short Summary

Song of Solomon Short Summary
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Song of Solomon is a novel by Toni Morrison. It was published in 1977 and won some awards. It tells the story of Macon, who is an African American man living in the US in Michigan. It shows his life from birth until he gets to adulthood.

Macon lives in Michigan, nicknamed ‘Milkman’ because he breastfed for longer. One of his father’s employees saw him breastfeeding through a window. The name Macon comes from his father and his grandfather. His sisters were given names from the bible. Ruth is his mother and physician in the town. She idolized her father. When he died, Ruth’s husband said to have found her on her knees while sucking the fingers of her father. She denied it and argued she was only kissing the hand. There are conflicting stories when it comes to Ruth’s parents, including the fact that Macon’s father once accused her of having a sexual involvement with her father. Milkman had to punch his father once after he attacked Ruth.

When he becomes four years old, Milkman realized that humans are flightless. This makes him abandon interest in others and himself. He becomes obsessed with acquiring wealth, much like his father, who became unable to reciprocate his family’s affections even though they took care of him.

In adulthood, he decides to seek more wealth-gaining options. His son informs him of his aunt Pilate’s ceiling, which might contain the millions worth of gold tied up. When Macon and his friend Guitar investigate, they only find his grandfather’s remains and some rocks.

They do not give up on wealth, and they believe that his grandfather might have hidden the gold in a cave located near his property. Macon sets off to search for it and promises his friend a half of it. Guitar soon becomes convinced that Macon is hiding the loot and tries to murder him.

While in the cave, Milkman comes across an old woman named Circe, who was a slave once. She informs him that Macon’s real name is Jake and he is the son of a legendary Solomon, who is said to have flown out of slavery back to Africa.

This knowledge baffles Milkman, and he goes back home to share it with the family. The family had several problems. Hagar passed away from a broken heart, and there were also other family problems. Milkman goes to bury the bones of Jake. Guitar tries to kill him again after the burial. Instead, Pilate takes a bullet meant for Milkman. Milkman calls out Guitar and jumps toward him.