The Story of an Hour Critical Analysis Essay

The Story of an Hour Critical Analysis Essay
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I strongly feel that Individuals with delicate heart conditions need to be treated with maximum care to prevent the escalation of their condition, which might lead to death. Sensitive information that relates to such people need to be examined, analyzed and proved to be true beyond reasonable doubt. It is after this that it can be communicated to them in a moderate manner. Sharing information that is false to these individuals might come to haunt them and may cause death once they learn of the truth.

Learning the News

When someone learns of sensitive information that relates to an individual with a complex heart condition, I find it necessary for the person to be patient and take time before sharing this information to the individual. I believe that taking time before passing this information will prevent communicating speculations and false information to these individuals that might have devastating end effects. Richard did not take time to prove the communication he received regarding Brently’s involvement in the fatal accident. It was only after receiving the second telegram that he hurriedly went to find channels to pass the message to Louise (Chopin). I think that if Richard took much more time, he would get the right information that Brently was not involved in the accident.

Communicating the News

Before passing delicate information to sensitive individuals, I recommend setting the tone of the communication by preparing the individual psychologically. This is the right time to offer such individuals pre-counseling support so that they can hold on to the positive aspect of the scenario. Josephine disclosed the message to Louise in broken sentences which left Louise broken and in denial (Chopin). I feel that Josephine should have instead prepared Louise for the news and then broken to her openly and in a moderate, step by step manner after preparing her psychologically. Doing this would have helped her to cope with the news better.

Time Alone and Acceptance

Leaving individuals alone to digest sensitive information is an important aspect to enable them to accept the reality. However, I feel that individuals with heart conditions need to be monitored even when they are left alone and they should not be allowed to lock themselves in rooms. Their condition may escalate while they are in a locked room and this may prevent them from getting timely care. Louise left Josephine and Richard as she went to her room and she did not allow anyone to follow her. Lucky enough, the time she spent alone enable her to accept the presumed death of her husband.

Entry on Brently and Passing on of Louise

To prevent people with delicate heart conditions from unexpected shock attack, I find it necessary to protect their environment and surrounding from unexpected outcomes. Failing to do this might expose them to situations that might make them collapse out of either joy or sadness. Seeing her husband enter the house after accepting the prior communication of his death, Louise could not manage to hold her surprise. The cause of her death is the fact her environment was unregulated. On seeing Brently enter the house, Richard tried to rush to hide him from Louise but it was already too late because Louise had already seen him (Chopin). If someone was observing the environment of Louise, they could notice the arrival of Brently and organize a way to communicate to Louise that he was still alive without causing shock.


In conclusion, when someone is living with an individual who is suffering from a heart condition, they should take maximum precaution to prevent destabilizing the condition of these individuals and escalation of their conditions. The environment of these delicate individuals needs to be regulated such that only factual communication is shared. There should be no surprises when dealing with these individuals because it can make their condition worse and fatal.

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