Animal Farm Analysis

What were the Seven Commandments in “Animal Farm”?

The Seven Commandments in George Orwell’s classic novella “Animal Farm” are a set of rules to which the animals on the farm must abide by. These commandments form the foundation of Animalism, an ideology based around the idea that all animals should be equal and free from human oppression. Unpacking…

The Theme of Abuse of Power in Animal Farm by George Orwell

The theme of abuse of power in Animal Farm by George Orwell is central to the novel. It is a story about animals on a farm revolting against their human oppressors, only to find that oppression replaced with new forms of tyranny and control from the pigs who are now…

An Analysis of Moses, a Religious Character in Animal Farm

Moses, the raven in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, is a religious character with a unique role in the novel. He is an old and mysterious figure who appears at random to tell of Sugarcandy Mountain. Moses introduces religion and scripture into the story by saying that it is a “kindly…

An Analysis of Power and Control in Animal Farm

Animal Farm: Themes and Analysis by George Orwell is an exploration of the classic allegorical novel. It provides a critical examination of the main themes in the work, including power, authority, equality, control, and freedom. Through a range of analysis techniques such as character study, plot analysis, symbolism, and theme…

Irony in Animal Farm: Examples & Analysis Essay

The Animal Farm irony is used by George Orwell to condemn human vices such as insatiable hunger for power. The animals in the story overthrow the people and later on the pigs bring back the offenses for which the humans were overthrown! Old major explains in his speech the abuse…

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