Between the World and Me Characters

Mabel Jones Character Analysis

Dr. Mabel Jones is the mother of Prince Jones. She is a chief radiologist. Mabel comes from a poor background. She made her way through school in determination to achieve great things such as becoming class president. She studied at Louisiana State University on a full scholarship. Later she got…

Prince Jones Character Analysis

Prince Jones, son to Dr. Mabel Jones, was a privileged child who lived with his mother in a gated community. He was surrounded by resources and also the best opportunities available. He attended private schools throughout his education until Howard. He was an intelligent young man who did well in…

Samori Coates Character Analysis

Samori is son to the Author and Kenyatta Mathews. His name comes from the African leader Samori Toure of Guinea who was part of the resistance against colonization in their country. When the book is being written, he is 15 years old. The author portrays him as a curious young…

Kenyatta Matthews Character Analysis

Kenyatta Mathews, the partner to Ta Nehisi Coates, was a student at Howard University when they met. Kenyatta was raised in a white neighborhood. In the beginning, she is referred to as the girl from Chicago. She was raised by her mother, single-handed and did not know the identity of…

Ta-Nehisi Coates Character Analysis

Ta-Nehisi, who is the son of Paul Coates and Cheryl Waters is brought up in Baltimore. This was during the time of the re-known epidemic crack. During his childhood, Coates comes to see the dangers that the streets posed. He realizes that there was injustice and has several questions that…

Between the World and Me Character List

The letter brings attention to several important characters. Here is what one needs to know about them. Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Author He is the main character of this book. He was born in 1975. His parents are Cheryl Waters and Paul Coates. Ta-Nehisi grew up in Baltimore, and his childhood…

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