Between the World and Me Summaries

Between the World and Me Short Summary

This is a book by Ta-Nehisi Coates based on a letter he sent his son to tell what being a black man meant in the US. An Overview of the Story It is a narration of the author’s experiences. Coates reveals details of where he grew up and how he…

Between the World and Me Chapter 3 Summary

Coates thinks about the people left behind by Prince Jones, a fiancée pregnant with their daughter, who would grow up without him. He visits Prince’s mother, Dr. Mabel Jones outside Philadelphia. She offers Coates some tea and then tells him about where she was from (Louisiana) and how her ancestors…

Between the World and Me Chapter 2 Summary

The chapter begins with Coates being terrified after being stopped, in Washington by a white officer. Washington was known to have racism instances such as innocent shootings and also imprisonment of black people. He is released from his situation, but later on, a similar event results in the death of…

Between the World and Me Chapter 1 Summary

Coates starts the book with ‘Son’ since it is a letter to his son Samori. The book is divided into three sections. In part 1, Coates starts by narrating about a moment where he was in an interview for a show and was asked to describe what is meant by…

Between the World and Me Summary

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates is based on a letter that the author sent to his son; named Samori to explain what it meant to be a black man. The book presents the hardships faced by African American men through the eyes of the author. Between the…

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