Death of a Salesman Characters

Biff’s Behavior Analysis

“Death of a Salesman Biff’s Behavior. Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” is an immensely moving drama which narrates the story of Willy Loman’s life as a travelling salesman, and his mental breakdown at the end of his failed career. As the play moves towards its inevitable, tragic end, the…

Charley Character Analysis in Death of a Salesman

Charley is the next-door neighbor to Willy Loman and is depicted as his only friend in Death of a salesman. Charley and Loman have a warm relationship depicted on the scene whereby they are playing cards. Charley has a good understanding of willy and is aware of his motivations much…

Bernard Character Analysis: Understanding This Character

Bernard is a significant character in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. He is also a next-door neighbor to the Lomans. Therefore, he can be analyzed to provide quality insight into the family situation of the Loman family. Who Is Bernard in Death of a Salesman: A Brief Analysis It…

An Overview of Biff Loman Character Analysis

Biff is willy’s eldest son. He is a controversial character in the play who goes against the grain when it comes to his family’s vision. He is one of the primary drivers of willy’s thoughts as well as actions. In particular, he is also a stimulator of his flashbacks throughout…

An Overview of Ben Loman Character Analysis

Ben Loman is Willy Loman’s adventurous brother. The storyline of the play begins with his death in afrri9ca. During periods of great self-doubt and distress, Willy usually hallucinates and imagines himself talking to ben’s ghost. According to Willy, ben is the perfect American dream embodiment. This is the dream of…

Happy Loman Character Analysis: Understanding Him

Happy Loman is willy’s youngest son. He is a seasoned womanizer who boosts his fragile self-image by acclaiming success which he has not achieved. Despite his promises to make a change in his life for the better and please his father, willy, he cannot do anything to salvage his situation….

Here Is a Good Willy Loman Character Analysis

It can be said that the play, Death of a salesman is all about Willy Loman. Everything else revolves around his life and actions within the last 24 hours of his life. All the characters always seem to be acting in response to him. His character, motivations, emotions, and destiny…

Death of a Salesman Character List Overview

The play consists of various characters that help to bring out the various themes portrayed in the piece. This text, therefore, discusses the characters and their contribution to the play. Willy Loman: A Salesman He is 63 years of age and emotionally as well as mentally unstable, self-deluded and insecure….

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