Divine Comedy Essays

Modernizing Inferno Essay

It is always a chancy bet to rewrite a classic piece of literature that is as well known as Dante Alighieri’s classic work ‘The Divine Comedy’. However, sometimes a bit of revision is necessary in order to provide modern-day audiences with the same kind of impact that was felt by…

Dante’s Divine Comedy: Purgatorio

Why does Virgil crown and miters Dante on reaching the earthly paradise? At this point Dante is crowned by Virgil after passing through the various stages of purgatory. Here is the last level in purgatory after the valley of Princes. The author and Virgil have scaled through the various levels…

Choose Two Characters From Dante’s Inferno Who You Believe Would be Helped by Receiving a Second Chance in Life

There is something about predators that fascinates people. Most nature programming seems to focus on animals such as wolves, lions, and alligators.Each of these creatures makes a living by preying on relatively harmless beings. Wolves devour elk and other vegetarians. Lions will devour zebras. Alligators will attack anything that disturbs…

Dante Alighieri “The Inferno” ( from The Divine Comedy )

Inferno, which means ‘Hell’ in Italian, is the first part of Dante Alighieri’s epic poem ‘Divine Comedy’. In the poem Dante explains his journey through Hell. The Hell described by Dante is based on different concepts including that of the Catholic Doctrine of that time but Dante has added some…

What is the Relationship Between Classical and Christian Culture in the Divine Comedy, Especially the “Inferno?”

Introduction The divine comedy that consists of three significant sections namely, “Inferno, Purgatoria and Paradiso” tends to have a strong relationship between classical and Christian culture (Grafton 251). The comedy seems to have a classical sense because it has a happy conclusion. The series of the comedy depicts a journey…

Dante’s Inferno: Contrapasso

Dante’s Inferno is about an imaginary journey through afterlife. Virgil, the of a Roman novel “The Aeneid” takes Dante to the hell (Inferno), then to the mountain of Purgatory to the finally to the Garden of Eden. Now here in the Garden of Eden, Dante meets his beloved Beatrice, who…

Dante and The Inferno Essay

The ‘inferno’ marks the first part of the remarkable poem ‘divine comedy’ written by Dante Alighieri in the 14th century. The ‘inferno’, also referred to as hell depicts the journey of Dante through hell as he marches to heaven while guided by the ghost of the great roman poet, Virgil….

The Idea of Nature between the Book of “Genesis” from the Bible and “The Divine Comedy” 1: Hell by Dante

Introduction Nature has various ways in which it can be explained. The Christians will largely follow the Genesis Bible, while Dante had his own way explaining at a different version. Dante Alighieri was born in 1265 to 1321 and wrote his poem the divine comedy during the thirteen years of…

Dante’s Devine Comedy Essay

The figure of Dante who roams through the infernal reaches of hell encounters a number of characters who endure terrible suffering, apparently because of sins which they have committed during their lives on earth. This paper examines the depiction of two such characters, Filippo Argenti (Inferno: Canto 8) and (Inferno:…

Dante’s Devine Comedy Essay Question

How our ideas change as we move from the Inferno to the Purgatorio and the true nature of God Moving from the Inferno, the first part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, into the Purgatorio one realizes that the nature of God keeps on changing. Apparently, the intolerant, unforgiving and punitive God…

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