Hamlet Characters

Claudius: Character Analysis

Claudius is the embodiment of power and the vehicle through which Shakespeare shows how class and power impact those pursuing it, those trying to hold onto it, and even those who aren’t trying to get power, but who are surrounded by it. In the society presented in Hamlet, power is…

Hamlet: Character List

Hamlet is a story written by William Shakespeare and represents the revenge that Prince Hamlet is instructed to enact against Claudius. The genesis of the revenge plan against Claudius degenerates from his involvement in the murder of King Hamlet, who is the father of Prince Hamlet. One of the disgusting…

Hamlet’s Ghost: Character Analysis

The Ghost is one of the most important characters in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. While the audience sees it only three times throughout the play, its role provided the impetus for critical turning points in the narrative. It first appeared before a pair of guards and Horatio, a foreign visitor,…

Hamlet: Character Analysis

Thesis: Hamlet’s character flaws of thinking too much, being run by his emotions and being a very moral person all have a heavy influence on the tragic development of the play Introduction Hamlet is one of the plays written by William Shakespeare that has been regarded as one of the…

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