King Lear Essays

King Lear: Breakdown of Its Central Character Essay

As one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, King Lear explores the breakdown of its central character, King Lear, as he tries to divide his kingdom between his daughters. McAlindon (cited in McEachen, 2) defines tragedy as ‘an intense exploration of suffering focused on the experience of an exceptional individual’ and…

King Lear: Mercy vs Justice Essay

Mercy may have a nobler ring to it, but Justice is undeniably more effective in deterring people from committing crimes. If someone commits a crime it is important that he or she is given a punishment that is equivalent to the severity of their actions. This is how the universe…

Blindness in King Lear

King Lear is regarded as one among the greatest tragedies of Shakespeare believed to have written between 1603 and 1606. Shakespeare adopted the story of the play from Holinshed’s chronicle that deals with the story of King Lear and his daughters. He has also adopted another story, Gloucester and his…

King Lear’s Cataclysm

William Shakespeare’s plays often provided a great deal of insight into the psychology of his characters and King Lear is no exception. As King Lear prepares for his retirement, he thinks to set things up for a comfortable and easy journey through time to the end of his life. However,…

The Tragedy of King Lear

1) Lear begins as a powerful figure, who wants to retire from the responsibilities of being King of Britain. He thinks he will spend his remaining years under the benevolent care of his daughters, each of whom will inherit one third of his empire. Regan and Goneril give appropriately flattering…

Tragedy of King Lear

1) Edgar is forced to run for his life after he is betrayed by Edmund, his half-brother. Edgar meets up with his father in Act 4, sc Gloucester has been blinded by Cornwall. “Bless thy sweet eyes,” Edgar says, “they bleed”. Gloucester doesn’t know that his son is right in…

King Lear: Common Ties Between Cordelia and Edmund

Edmund and Cordelia are two characters which occupy separate poles morally. Relationships in King Lear focus around both good and evil as Cordelia and Edmund, perfect images of good and evil, struggle with sibling rivalry, betrayal, love triangles and experience a tragic death. Both characters introduce chaos in the play as…

Comparing a “King Lear”, “Richard II” and “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” Essay Questions

Question 1 a) The ills of the Kingdom are addressed in the scene and help to reveal the status of the king in the land. The gardeners’ opinions and John of Gaunt’s speech on the way the country is run are relevant. The country is bound to enter into turmoil….

Formal Essays on key scenes from KING LEAR (ACTS I-III-V)

Key Scene from King Lear: Act 1 Scene 1 King Lear is widely acknowledged as one of William Shakespeare’s tragic masterpieces. This essay will identify and analyze a couple of key scenes from the play which makes a significant contribution to the overall development of plot, its character and the…

King Lear Acts III-IV Essay

Act 3 Summary There is a strong storm on the heath. Kent, who is looking for the king, goes to one of the king’s knights and realizes that the king is around that place. The Knight is given secret information by Kent that there is conflicts between Cornwall and Albany…

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