Medea Compare & Contrast

The Tale of Genji vs Medea: Compare & Contrast

The depiction of Genji’s incestuous affair with his stepmother, not just successfully labeled the incest problem of its Heian time. This affair illustrated the consequent breaking of the moral taboo (i.e., through the “cuckolding of the father”) and the socio-religious taboo (i.e., the “blasphemous offense against the sun-goddess Amaterasu-o¯mikami”) (Bargen,…

Medea & Dream of Passion: Compare & Contrast

Medea is a Greek tragic story that was written by Euripides, and it is based upon the myth of Medea and Jason. This tragic story was first written in 431 BC, and the plot centers on a barbarian protagonist, Medea, who finds her prominent position amongst the world of the…

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