Of Mice And Men Summaries

Of Mice And Men Chapter 6 Summary And Analysis

This is the last chapter of the book. Lennie has arrived at the spot where they were to meet with George in case there was trouble. He is waiting for George’s arrival. Though the surrounding is peaceful, Lennie feels anxious. Meanwhile, he hallucinates with the image of his aunt scolding…

Of Mice And Men Chapter 5 Summary And Analysis

Lennie has accidentally killed his puppy and is now holding it as he sits in the barn. He is blaming the puppy for its death. Suddenly, there is someone coming towards his direction. It is Curley’s wife who is coming. He tries to hide the dead puppy using hay. Lennie…

Of Mice And Men Chapter 4 Summary And Analysis

As Crooks sat in his room all alone, Lennie, who has been with his puppy, appears. Crooks is not happy with the presence of Lennie, saying that since he is not allowed to go to the white quarters, Lenny should also not come to the black quarter. However, Lennie ignores…

Of Mice And Men Chapter 3 Summary And Analysis

Slim gives Lennie one of the puppies. Lennie spends most of his free time with this puppy inside the burn. There is a time he tries to go with the puppy to the bunkhouse. He hid the puppy inside his jacket in a bid to meet that objective. However, he…

Of Mice And Men Chapter 2 Summary And Analysis

The chapter begins when it is a new day. George and Lennie have now arrived at the ranch. It is Candy who shows them around. Though Candy’s hand is missing, he is still able to clean the areas within the ranch. Candy also gives them a brief description of the…

Of Mice And Men Chapter 1 Summary And Analysis

As the story begins, the reader is introduced to two characters. One is called George Milton, and the other – Lennie. The two are on a journey as they walk along the banks of River Salinas, California. They are to begin work at a ranch that is in the surrounding…

Of Mice and Men Summary

The readers first encounter two migrant workers. One is called George and the other Lennie. They have just arrived by bus that has left them miles off the California farm. This is the farm where the two are expected to start work. George has a small stature, dark in complexion…

Of Mice and Men Short Summary

It is evening, and two men are going to a ranch. They stop near the Salinas River. George is on the lead. Lennie follows him.  Later that evening, they converse over their dreams to own pieces of land. The following day, they both go to the ranch to begin work….

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