The Tempest Characters

Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” : The Character of Prospero

Prospero is the protagonist in the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare and he was the lawful Duke of Milan, who, along with his infant daughter Miranda, was put to sea on “A rotten carcass of a butt, not rigged, / Nor tackle, sail, nor mast …. To cry to…

Prospero Character Analysis Essay

The Tempest depicts a straightforward story that involves unjust acts, usurpation of the throne of Prospero by the brother, and his quest to re-develop justice through reinstating himself to the position of power. On the other hand, the justice idea in which the play trends after appears to be highly…

Spirit Ariel Character Analysis

The spirit Ariel encounters Prospero when he goes to the Island and from that moment decides to serve Prospero after Ariel was rescued from where Sycorax, the witch trapped him. Ariel is loyal. The spirit does everything as directed by the Prospero. We earn that it is Ariel that causes…

Prince Ferdinand Character Analysis

He is the heir to Alonso’s throne. During the shipwreck, he is separated from his father and the team they were traveling with from Tunis. Ferdinand is someone humble. Even though he is a prince, he accepts to be at the service of Prospero. He works diligently with the motivation…

Expert Caliban Character Analysis

He is the son of the witch, Sycorax. Caliban knows the island well because he was born and raised there. Therefore, he feels like Prospero is taking over the island from his. First, he is a vengeful character. He does not feel good that he has to work for Prospero….

Exemplary Miranda Character Analysis

A young lady of 15 years who is Prospero’s daughter. She only becomes aware of herself in the island and has never seen any other man apart from Prospero, her father, and Caliban. Miranda is caring. This is demonstrated by the concern she shows when she sees the wrecked ship…

Comprehensive Prospero Character Analysis

In the Play, Prospero is depicted as the main protagonist. Most of the things in the play happen because of the instructions he issues to Ariel There are several traits that he displays. He comes out as someone sympathetic. As much as he is dethroned by his brother Antonio with…

Complete The Tempest Character List

The play has many characters who make different contributions to the plot. Below is a list that should give an insight into who you are likely to encounter in the course of reading the text: Prospero the Dethroned Duke He is the main protagonist in the pay. Twelve years before…

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