The Tempest Summaries

An Informative the Tempest Act 5 Summary and Analysis

Prospero makes an inquiry about the development of King Alonso from Ariel. The information is that the site if the shipwreck is in a bad state. Alonso and his colleagues are mourning the perceived loss of Ferdinand. The tone with which Ariel gives the information shows that he cares and…

The Tempest Act 4 Summary and Analysis

The Act takes place in Prospero’s cell. Prospero clarifies to Ferdinand why he made him work as a slave. Prospero says he only wanted to know how much Ferdinand loved Miranda. Given the high value that Prospero attached to her daughter Miranda, he would not want any man who is…

Expert The Tempest Act 3 Summary and Analysis

The scene revolves around various pictures of bondage. Ferdinand works as servant despite being loyal. He does not like Prospero but works for him anyway because his new love, Miranda would benefit from it. Miranda also offers slave-like devoutness to Ferdinand. Complete the Tempest Act 3 Scene 1 Summary Ferdinand…

The Tempest Act 2 Summary and Analysis for You

At this point, the idea of what the play is about is apparent to the readers. Get more from the analysis below: The Tempest Act 2 Scene 1 Summary After the wreckage, Alonso, who is the King of Naples, together with Antonio, the Duke of Milan, Sebastian and Gonzalo find…

The Tempest Act 1 Summary and Analysis for Students

In The Tempest, the first act is an introductory act. The characters and the plot of the play are brought forth. To know more about what happens, read the summaries below: A Complete Tempest Act 1 Scene 1 Summary The scene begins when the ship is at sea and is…

The Tempest Summary: Plot Overview and Analysis

The Tempest by William Shakespeare was written in the period between 1610-1611. It was the last piece he wrote, and most literary experts believe that it was his way of saying goodbye to the readers of his literary pieces. This text, therefore, provides a synopsis of the tempest. What is…

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