The Things They Carried Summaries

The Things They Carried Brief Summary

Literary accounts of war have provided new generations with a great deal of insight into the horrors of war beyond what can be discerned from the images carried home through newspapers or the factual accounts conveyed through statistics and progress reports.  Through the text of literary works, the reader is…

The Things They Carried Chapter Summaries

This book, written by Tim O’Brien, gives an account of the things that took place during the Vietnam War, where he was part of the soldiers. Here is a complete summary of what happens in each of the 22 stories of this novel: Chapter 1 Summary “The Things They Carried”…

The Things They Carried Summary

The Things They Carried, a novel that is written by Tim O’Brien, gives an account of the experiences the author and the other soldiers had during the Vietnam War. There are accounts of many war stories in this book. The author gives some horror experiences of the use of machines,…

The Things They Carried: Short Summary

The Things They Carried is a reflection on the experiences of foot soldiers in Vietnam underwent during and after the war. This story is a representation of the writer’s memoir, a war autobiography, as well as other fictional short stories. Tim O’Brien instantly blurs the line between fact and fiction…

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