The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Short Summary

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Short Summary
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This is a story by Sherman Alexie. It is narrated by Junior (Arnold Spirit Jr.) who speaks of his early life and his struggles with hydrocephalus. His best friend is called Rowdy. Rowdy always protects him but is very violent. Junior is a budding artist and uses his art to communicate.

One day at the age of 14, Junior and Rowdy were going to the Spokane Powwow when Junior tripped into the van. Rowdy threw a tantrum that scared Junior into running towards three drunk triplets who beat him up. Rowdy, later on, retaliates by cutting off the triplets’ braids as they slept. This was further proof of Rowdy’s friendship.

During his first year in high school, Junior once got into a fit of rage and threw a textbook that hit his teacher Mr. P and broke his nose. It was because his mother had signed the book. This incident earns him a reservation, and he is transferred to an all-white school in Reardan. On his first day there, he meets Penelope.

A few days later, a jock named Roger tries to bully him, but Junior punches him instantly earning Roger’s respect. However, the other Indians and Rowdy feel shortchanged by the reservation. They begin to isolate Junior.

Junior falls in love with Penelope and decides to prove it by fundraising for the homeless. It is then that he gets attacked by masked boys. Junior suspects Rowdy to be one of them. Meanwhile, Mary gets married to a poker player and moves to Montana without any farewell. Junior thinks Mary is competing with him. Later during the fall, Junior manages to join the Reardan basketball team. Reardan eventually loses to Wellpoint in the state playoffs.

A series of misfortunes start happening to Junior. Her grandmother tragically dies, Eugene gets killed by Bobby, and Mary dies together with her husband. Rowdy blames Junior for Mary’s death. These events devastate Junior’s family. Later that summer, the story ends when Rowdy and Junior are playing a one-on-one game.