The Book of Revelation Short Summary

The Book of Revelation Short Summary
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The book is an account of the revelations as received by John the Apostle. The words were passed to Jesus, who saw that John is the best person to pass them over to. For easier comprehension, the book can be subdivided into four sections.

Section one begins from chapter 1to 6. It begins with a description of how the revelations were received. John goes ahead to write letters that are addressed to churches located in the seven cities. The advent of Christianity and the end of the world are revealed to John in chapter 6.

Between chapter 7 to 14, there is a revelation of the tribulations that the world is going to face. There are 144,000 that faced these tribulations. Chapter 8 talks about the opening of the 7th seal signifying that tribulations should begin. When the trumpet is blown in the first section of chapter 9, various plagues are said to follow the wicked. The 7th trumpet in chapter 10 signifies Jesus’ coming for the second time. Chapter 11 talks about the end time prophets that will be there to witness the tribulations that people will be going through. End time church is vividly described in the 12th chapter, while chapter 13 describes the false prophets that will be there in end times as well as the Beast. In chapter 14, people are almost approaching end time as there is a narration of the rupture, the second coming of Christ, and the start of the wrath from God in the form of plagues.

The net section covers chapters 15 to 20. It takes the readers through events that take place at the very end. There are several plagues that humans face in chapter 15 and 16. Babylon faces its destruction, and the narrations are availed in the 17th and 18th chapter. Chapter 19 gives a narration of the Marriage Supper. It also describes the occurrence of the Armageddon. Many things are mentioned in chapter20. It describes Satan’s imprisonment, Jesus’s reign with the Saints that takes 1,000 years, and the war that takes place between Gog and Magog. The readers also encounter the White Throne, a place of judgment for the unsaved.

Chapter 21 is a continuation of 20. It describes the glorious made on top of the old earth. Everything is beautiful, and the believers live a happy life after that. The book ends in chapter 22.