The Book Thief Short Summary

The Book Thief Short Summary
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The Book Thief is a narration about Liesel, a young girl. She grows up in Germany during the period of World War II. Liesel lives with her с parents. The names of the parents are Hans and Rosa. In the course of this story, Liesel is said to have stolen many books. When she begins the theft, she still cannot read. However, she is aware that these books contain important information. Hans notices her love for the books and begins to teach her how to understand the letters used in these books.

Hans and Rosa are of Jewish origin. However,  they are not happy with the control of the Nazi regime. They privately fight against the regime by hiding a Jewish boy by the name Max. The boy is hidden in their basement. Their stand against the Nazi is kept secret. There is a day Hans assists a Jew who finds it hard to maintain the pace of the group as they are taken to a concentration camp around. As a sign that they do not like the assistance offered to that man, the soldiers who were escorting them whip Hans and the man who received the help.

Hans becomes worried that the events of that day may draw attention and suspicion on the stand of his family. That means Max is not guaranteed safety in the basement. Consequently, Hans sends him away. After that, Liesel receives a book that Hans had specifically prepared for her. The book titled ‘The Word Shaker is about their friendship and the vow of them reuniting in the future. Hans is recruited to the German army. While there, he breaks. So that he can recover, he is sent back home.

The Nazis captured Max as he was unable to escape. Liesel watches as he is marched through town as he is taken to the concentration camp together with other people. As this war rages on, Liesel receives a blank in which she is expected to write her own story. She writes a book titled ‘The Book Thief.’.

There is a day their neighborhood is bombed. In that tragic event and Hans, Rosa, together with her friend called Rudy to die. Amid all that confusion, Liesel is forced to leave her book. At the end of the war, the Jews are freed. Max reunites with Liesel, and they live happily. Liesel relocates to Australia and lives happily with her own family.