The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales is a collection of 24 stories that runs to over 17,000 lines written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer. The tales, some of which are originals and others not, are contained within a frame story and told by a group of pilgrims on their way to Canterbury…

Wife of Bath: Character Analysis

Wife of Bath that is a character in “The Canterbury Tales” is depicted as a woman, who negates her traditional role and exercises her power over men. She is also a pilgrim like many others in “The Canterbury Tales”. In the prologue to the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer introduces all the…

Canterbury Tales vs Don Quixote: Compare & Contrast

Satire refers to the use of a biting literary tool by writers in books, essays, poems, and other forms of literary works to communicate a certain message with the ultimate objective being to encourage positive behavior. Both Geoffrey Chaucer and Miguel de Cervantes use sarcasm and ridicule liberally and in…

The Canterbury Tales: The Knight’s Tale Analysis

‘The Knight’s Tale’ that is told by the Knight in “The Canterbury Tales” is a chivalric romance of courtly romance as it contains the features of chivalric romance such as a beautiful lady, a knight at her service and romantic association between the knight and the lady. The knight is…

The Milller’s Tale from The Canterbury Tales Essay

‘The Canterbury’ tale is a classic piece of literature by Geoffrey Chaucer written in verse form that gives the narration of a group of pilgrims. Its setting is toward the end of the fourteenth century. Moreover, the narration is part of a storytelling contest in which the pilgrims participate for…

The Canterbury Tales Short Summary

The Canterbury Tales is a narrative written by David Wright and Geoffrey Chaucer telling a story around other stories. It is a frame narration of the 29 pilgrims a tavern. Tabard inn in Southwark, a few miles to London. They are amid Canterbury journey to martyr Saint Thomas Becket shrine…

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