The Cask of Amontillado Short Summary

The Cask of Amontillado Short Summary
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As Edgar Allan Poe begins the story, the narrator, Montresor, informs the readers of the mistreatment and the insults that Fortunato has exposed him to earlier. The narrator vows that he must revenge as there is no more mistreatment he is willing to take Fortunato. Montresor plans that no one should have an idea that he is the one that exposed Fortunato to harm’s way. First, since he knows that Fortunato loves wine, he wants to use it to lure him. As the reader moves on, the rest of the book talks of how the revenge was actualized.

A Quick Overview of the Story

Montresor chooses the Carnival season as the time to execute the plan. Most people are celebrating, and no one can discover him as he goes on with the plan. While wearing a mask. He goes to Fortunato and tells him that he has wine that he feels is Amontillado. Since he is not sure, he wants Fortunato to help him test it. Given how Fortunato loves wine, he wants to taste it immediately, not knowing it is a trap set by Montresor. Since all Montresor’s servants have gone to celebrate the carnival, this is a perfect time.

Both men move to the vaults. The place is dump which makes Fortunato cough uncontrollably. So that Fortunato does not suspect him, Montresor insists on taking him home. Fortunato takes wine to act as a cure for the cough. As they move down the vaults, Fortunato makes it known to Montresor that the mansions know him. His proof is a trowel. The more they explore the vaults, the more drunk Fortunato becomes. Fortunato being defenseless at some point is chain by Montresor.

To finally kill Fortunato, Montresor builds a wall around him. At this point, Fortunato still thinks that Montresor is joking. However, the layers of the wall keep increasing making Fortunato worried. Like the effect of the wine reduces, and Fortunato becomes sober, he begins screaming in a bid to get pardoned by Montresor. It gets to a point where Fortunato resigns to fate and stops screaming.

Meanwhile, Montresor continues building the wall. At some point, Fortunato bursts out laughing. When Fortunato finally goes completely silent, Montresor feels he has dealt with his enemy, and no one would disturb him again. In the end, there is no mention of anyone else that witnessed the thing apart from Montresor.