The Count of Monte Cristo Summary

The Count of Monte Cristo Summary
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This is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, the French author. He completed it in 1844, and it got published in a series between 1844 and 1846. Dumas is also known for his Three Musketeers novel. This story is set in Italy, France, and also on some Mediterranean islands. It is the tale of Edmond Dantes and his encounters in life.

Edmond is returning from a lengthy sea adventure. The original captain had died on the way, leaving him to take charge. The owner applauds Edmond for the leadership. When they get to France, Edmond becomes promoted. He was also marrying Mercedes, whom he loves dearly.

Not everyone is happy with his fortunes. Danglars, the accountant of that ship, is envious of that promotion and Dante’s overall success. Mondego is also unhappy as he loves Mercedes. These two decide to have Edmond framed for committing treason. Edmond gets framed for being a Napoleon supporter, who had been dethroned and sent to exile.

Edmond is captured during his wedding and dragged away. The planted letter that incriminated Edmond and then presented it to Monsieur Villefort. He decides to have Edmond sent to the prison called Chateau D’lf to make him serve a life sentence. This prison is located on an island sitting on the Mediterranean Sea. The false evidence is destroyed by Monsieur to protect himself and his family.

Edmond stays in confinement for 14 years. He almost gives up hope he had about life and almost succumbs to going mad. He gets to meet a wealthy prisoner by the name Abbe Faria. Faria teaches Dantes a lot, and ultimately, the two manage to dig an escape route. They had many plans, but Faria gets ill and dies. However, he had entrusted Dantes with directions to treasure located at Monte Cristo.

Edmond breaks out of the prison by pretending that he was the corpse of Faria. He swims his way to a certain vessel and heads toward the treasure, in Monte Cristo. He discovers riches which are way past his imagination. Edmond changes names to Count Monte Cristo, making travels all over the globe and buying items which were appealing to him. He then decides to exact revenge. His targets are Mondego, Danglars, and also Moinseur Villefort.

Edmond, taking the title of Count Monte Cristo, gets to Paris. The men had settled there and forgotten about what they had done. They had all become wealthy and even had children. Furthermore, Mondego had even married Mercedes. Count Cristo easily gets associated with the other rich people, and every resident intends to befriend him. He manages to get his retribution by making his enemies pay. He donates some land he possessed to a couple and rides off, leaving his old identity and accompanied by a new flame called Haydee, who happened to have been a slave previously.