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The Crucible

Sarah Good is a mentally disturbed and homeless lady in Salem. She is also a beggar, and this makes her a person of low social standing in the community. For this reason, Abigail easily accuses her of partaking in witchcraft. Her and Tituba prove to be easy scapegoats because they occupy the lowest echelons of […]
Judge Danforth is the epitome of over-adherence and rigidity concerning the law. He is intelligent, successful, and highly respected. Danforth has come to Salem in order to oversee the prosecution of those accused of witchcraft. He has serene confidence in his ability to deliver fair judgment. The hysteria of the trials does not extinguish his […]
Reverend Hale is divided between his faith and the belief in the individual. He is like a spiritual doctor” that has been summoned to eradicate witchcraft and other sins.  Hale is expected to diagnose the issue, and after that, administer the requisite remedy by converting sinners or eliminating them from Salem’s society. He is devoted […]
The characters in “The Crucible” play different roles to make the play complete. This article thus provides a comprehensive list of all the characters within the play. For every character, you will get a highlight of how they relate with each other, their roles in the play as well as their personalities. John Proctor This […]
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