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The Crucible

During the fall, Hathorne and Danforth visit Parris in jail. They want to know the reason behind Hale’s return to Salem. Parris promises them that the reverend has imprisoned them in the holdout to pressure them into a confession and avoid being sent to the gallows. Furthermore, he informs them about Mercy and Abigail’s escape […]
The play’s events are set in the year 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. The community is under a theocratic government. Diligent work and religion take up most of the people’s time and energy. However, there are rising land dispute cases that are sowing discord within the community. Reverend Parries’ daughter has suddenly gone into a coma, […]
From a literary perspective, the narrative and the actors are easily comprehensible. Located in Salem, in the state of Massachusetts, the plan moves at a hurried pace and the viewers quickly understand that the central character, “John Proctor,” is objectified by Abigail Williams, a young woman full of desire. Abigail entertains nothing short of recapturing […]
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