A Short Summary of the Crucible by Arthur Miller

A Short Summary of the Crucible by Arthur Miller
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It begins in Salem with a ten-year-old girl in a coma. She is the daughter of Reverend Samuel Parris. The reverend caught girls dancing in what looked like a ritual the previous night but on questioning one of them, his niece Abigail, she revealed that it was just a dance. Abigail warns the other girls against admitting anything even though they were trying to conjure a curse. Proctor, confronts Abigail and they argue since they had an affair and Abigail was still in love with him. Betty screams, and the reverend is called after residents gather. Reverend examines her and questions Abigail again. He then interrogates Tituba who makes a false confession about the devil bewitching her and other town members. Abigail and Betty names residents of the town who were witches. They are arrested and are to face trial.

Betty and Abigail have accused more than 40 residents. Alone with Proctor, Abigail reveals to him that none of the accusations were true. John is reluctant to inform the court even though his wife Elizabeth had been named and after she tries to convince him to do so. This was to prevent the details of the affair from coming out. Mary

He later agrees to tell the truth through Mary in court. After Mary reveals this the girls accuse her of bewitching them and start screaming, saying that Mary’s spirit was attacking them. Mary denounces her allegations to avoid being hanged and instead accuses Proctor of being under the influence of the devil. John is arrested. The reverend denounces the proceedings.

Three months later, Abigail, steals all of the Reverend’s money and runs away.  The accused witches are asked to make falsely confess to save their lives, but they refuse. All the accused are hanged to death.




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