The Crucible Summary: An Overview of the Story

The Crucible Summary: An Overview of the Story
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The events in this story, written by Arthur Miller, take place in New England. Some girls are caught dancing in the middle of the forest with by Reverend Parris. Among them is Betty, Reverend’s daughter. The girls were led by Abigail Williams, Parris’s niece. When Reverend Hale, witchcraft, questions their intention, the girls claim they were doing nothing else apart from dancing. The blood at the event and the one naked girl shows that they were actually into witchcraft.

Parris wants the crowd at his home to calm down. Meanwhile, Abigail warns the girls she was with not to disclose anything girls. John Proctor, a renowned farmer in the town, wants to converse Abigail in private. The two previously had an affair. Elizabeth.

The crowd is attracted to the by Betty’s screams. They are wondering if she has been bewitched. There is another argument involving John Proctor, William Parris, Giles Corey, and Thomas Putnam. The cause of the argument is the money dispute. Reverend Hale comes to examine Betty’s condition.

Meanwhile, Proctor goes away. Hale questions Abigail on what transpired in the forest. The girls are being associated with witchcraft. There is a brief moment of interrogation by Parris. Suddenly, Tituba, Abigail, and Betty throw the crowd into a frenzy when they begin mentioning witches. The girls want to protect themselves from suspicion.

After a few weeks, John and Elizabeth become concerned about the huge number of people facing the accusation of witchcraft. She tries to persuade John to expose Abigail’s pretense. He vehemently refuses. Elizabeth accuses him of having feelings for Abigail. Soon, Mary Warren breaks the news of Elizabeth facing witchcraft. The court ignores those accusations.

Reverend Hale comes to visit John and Elizabeth. In the middle of their conversation, they are interrupted by Giles Corey and Francis Nurse. Giles and Francis’s wife wives have also been arrested. At the same time, court officials come to arrest Elizabeth. Proctor tries to persuade Mary to expose Abigail for who she is.

Proctor comes with Mary to the court the following day. She accepts to testify to Judge Danforth exposing the lies from the girls. On the other hand, Danforth suspects the motives Proctor has. Elizabeth is also to be spared for a while because of pregnancy. Mary reveals to the court the truth about the girls. The accuse Mary of being the one that is bewitching them.

Out of fury, Proctor gives a confession of the affair between him and Abigail. Elizabeth refutes the cheating claims to protect Proctor. As a result, Danforth concludes that Proctor is a liar. Mary accuses Proctor of being a witch. The scuffles in court to Proctor’s arrest.

It is now autumn, and the witches cause a state of unrest within the towns. There is nervousness in the courts. Abigail escapes with Parris’s money. Hale no longer trusts the court. Danforth requests Elizabeth to convince John to give a confession. However, when John hears that the confession is to be made public, he retracts what he said previously.