The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Short Summary

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The events in the book by Mark Haddon take place in Swindon, England. The year is 1998. The narrator is a 15-year-old Christopher John Francis Boone. Christopher also has autism. The boy finds a dog killed with a fork protruding from its body. Cristopher goes out of his way to investigate the circumstances that led to the death of this dog. While there are those people who assist him in his investigations, in most cases, his processes are hampered.  First, his confrontation with the police at the scene of crime earns him a stay in custody. Christopher is only released after he promises not to continue with any form of inquiries into the death of the dog.

After that, Christopher takes a book to help him record the details of the investigation. He does that even though he has school assignments and he has also been warned not to continue with the investigations. He discovers that Mrs. Shears, the dog owner, was involved in a romantic affair. The affair began after the disappearance of Christopher’s mother.

When the father discovers Christopher’s book, he is not impressed with the content and hides it. Christopher finds letters from his mother while looking for the book. His father had always lied to him all along that his mother is dead. The father apologizes for keeping the truth from Christopher and later admits to killing the dog.

Christopher no longer feels safe with his father and travels to London to meet his mother. He overcomes all obstacles and reaches his mother. They later travel back to Swindon with his mother. After the A-level exams, he qualifies to go to a university outside the country. Christopher is happy with his achievements of discovering who killed the dog, finding his mother, and getting the university admission.