The Gift Of The Magi

Themes in The Gift of the Magi

One of the most enduring themes in O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi is selfless love. This is demonstrated by the actions of both Della and Jim, who sacrifice their most prized possessions – Della’s hair and Jim’s watch – to buy each other Christmas gifts. Another theme present…

The Gift of Magi by an William Sydney Porter

“The Gift of the Magi” is a short story by O. Henry written in 1906. The story tells of a young couple, Della and Jim, who are deeply in love with each other but cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts. Della cuts off her long, beautiful hair and sells it…

The Gift of the Magi Short Summary

As the story by O. Henry begins, it is a Christmas Eve. During that season, the shops are usually busy as people are preparing for the festivities. Della Dillingham Young is among those who are doing their shopping late. Her main concern at that point is the kind gift to…

Gift of Magi: Narrative Essay

Theme is a complex trait of fiction which requires more than one word to describe it. It is the gist of the story which reveals the vast meaning lying beneath the plot (Chapter 7). Accompanied with characters and the narrative techniques, it is narrowed into a main idea which eventually…

The Use of Irony in “The Gift of Magi”

Imagine having only pennies to but being one of the richest persons in the world! This is the case in O. Henry’s The Gift of Magi. In his wonderful short story, the author, O. Henry, writes of a struggling couple living in New York City around the turn of the…

The Gift Of The Magi Summary

The gift of the magi is a short story composed by O. Henry, an American short story author. This story made its initial appearance in The New York Sunday world in 1905, on the 5th of December. Later on, it got published in The Four Million, O. Henry’s collection on…

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