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The Giver Essay
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The Giver is a powerful book about a world that appears to be wonderful but is actually horrible. It is set in an isolated community that has eliminated everything unpleasant in life. There is no pain, hunger, stealing, lying or disorder. At least, this is hop it appears on the surface. This place also is missing some important parts of everyday life. No one feels discomfort, so no one knows how to have compassion for anyone else. Emotionally, it is a very cold place, but that is OK with the inhabitants because they do not know any other way of life.

The Giver is such a powerful book because it invites people to question their own cultures. Horrible things happen in this community for the sake of keeping the peace and causing people to conform. The main character, Jonas, has a father that is assigned to Release individuals that will not conform to the standards of the community. He is cheerful as he talks about his work around the supper table. Everyone in the family believes that Releasing someone means they go to live Elsewhere, or in another community that will be better for them. Jonas learns the facts about Releasing after he is assigned to become The Receiver of Memories. He learns that Releasing someone actually involves killing them.

The giver is a great book for someone that wants to question their own way of life. Everyone in the community does horrible things as a part of their Assignment just o the bad aspects of life can be eliminated. Kids are raised to have complete trust in the system of government, but Jonas learns that this trust is not healthy.


The Giver is a great book written by Lois Lowry. It is set in an imaginary place that has no pain. The people have given up their ability to remember unpleasant things in life. It sounds nice but actually is terrible.

The author wrote this book after living for some time in Japan. Her experiences there made her think about the role of culture in our lives. She began to think about how people conform for the public good in unhealthy ways. The Giver is a story about a community that conforms and has such strict rules in an effort to eliminate pain that they actually do horrible things to accomplish their societal goals.

The main character is named Jonas. Everyone in the community has an Assignment. His is a unique assignment. He is chosen to become the Receiver of Memories. He will store all of the unpleasant memories of the community so no one else has to feel bad about the past. All the memories of war and tragedy are kept by one person. But all the memories of joy, such as the feeling of sledding down a cold, snowy hill are kept by him as well.

Jonas learns that his society is based on some horrible practices. He is faced with an awful decision. He can stay and keep the society the same, or he can leave and let all of the bad memories go back to the people. He eventually makes his choice and saves a small child from a horrible death in the process.