The God of Small Things Summary

The God of Small Things Summary
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The God of Small Things is a book written by Arundhati Roy. it narrates a story of one family in Ayemenem town in Kerala, India. Its inscription is a quote from writer John Berger which states, “Never again will a single story be told as though it is the only one.” Below is its plot overview.

Here Is a Synopsis of the Book

This novel begins with Rahel returning to Ayemenem after news of her twin brother, Estha, has returned. The story then switches to Sophie Mol’s funeral, when the twins were seven years old. Rahel thinks she is alive. Since then, the twins got separated and only met for the first time at the funeral.

The narrative then switches back to Cochin. The family goes to view The sound of Music cinema. However, Esther’s constant singing gets her sent to the lobby where she gets molested by the Orangedrink Lemondrink man. While the family leaves, Rahel notices what transpired and seems to be amused. Upon talking to Ammu, she claims not to love Rahel as much, and this causes Rahel a prolonged emotional turmoil.

Back to the present, Rahel meets Comrade Pillai. He shows her a picture of the twins they took with Sophie shortly before her death. There is a sudden flashback to when Sophie arrived at Cochin airport. Rahel is so nervous and gets scolded as everyone tried to impress Sophie and her mother.

The story takes a turn to the death of Ammu at age 31 while on a job interview out of town after banishment from the house of Ayemenem. Nobody bothers to inform Estha of Ammu’s death. This is when Roy comes up with the phrase, “Things can change in a day.”

Back at the arrival party during Sophie’s return, Rahel hides to play with Velutha. This is the moment Ammu begins to like Velutha. Estha and Rahel row to Velutha’s side of the river in a bid to visit the historic house. Meanwhile, Velutha vehemently tries to hide his affection for Ammu.

We then turn to the story of Sophie’s parents, Chako, and Magaret. They separated, Margaret remarried, but the husband died in an accident. Sophie was then taken to Ayemenem to distract her.

At this moment, we get more details surrounding Sophie’s death. Likewise, the author narrates how Vellya paper offers to kill Velutha for his affair with Ammu. Baby Kochamma hatches a plan to trick the police. Roy then calls Velutha “the god of small things,” “The God of loss.” The narration of Sophie’s death is rather brief. She joins the twins while they were running from Ammu after he hurled insults at them. After the capsizing of their boat in the river, she drowned. The twins then fell asleep at the History house’s veranda.

The next morning, law enforcement come to the river and beat Velutha nearly to death and take custody of the twins. At the station, Baby Kochamma convenes Estha into claiming Velutha kidnapped Rahel and him, that it is the only way of saving Ammu. Estha agrees to file the false report framing Velutha. After that, Kochamma forces Chacko to send Ammu away and compel Estha to dwell with Babu.

Back to the present, Rahel and Estha share a moment of love out of “hideous grief” for the demise of Velutha, Ammu, and Sophie in a bedroom formerly belonging to Ammu.

The final chapter describes the maiden night of Velutha and Ammu’s love affair. As they part each day, they tell each other tomorrow? Tomorrow! On their last night before Velutha’s death, Ammu says once more, “Tomorrow.”