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The Great Gatsby

Gatsby representation of the American dream Gatsby characterizes the American dream since he was born of meek beginnings in rural North Dakota and rises to a position of power and wealth. His humble beginnings is seen when we study about his early meeting of a lady called Daisy while still a fresh soldier in military […]
Post war era as depicted in The Great Gatsby The post war era is depicted through the behavior of Daisy Buchanan, George Wilson, and Jay Gatsby. These characters exhibit changes in behavior because of the past experience with the main focus of their behavior being the change of social values to individual preferences and character. […]
Francis Scot Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896. His father, Edward Fitzgerand, an aristocratic, was furniture manufacture, and his mother Mollie McQuillan Fitzgerand, was from an Irish-Catholic family that had made a small fortune in Minnesota through their business as Wholesale grocers. Scot was their only son. He was a known among the […]
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