The Great Gatsby

Compare and Contrast Essay on “The Great Gatsby”

Introduction F. Scott Fitzgerald is the of the book the Great Gatsby, which he wrote in 1925 which follows a cast of characters where the main character is Jay Gatsby. The great Gatsby story shows the success story of the protagonist that can be described as incredible (Fitzgerald, 50). Jay…

Opinion Essay about Most Important Relationship in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, a literary success in the 1920’s. This book may be a symbolic representation of the Jazz Age, an era of liberty in idea and deed. Many of the events that happen in his most famous novel are based…

Analytical Essay on “The Great Gatsby”

The most dominant theme in The Great Gatsby is corruption of the American dream. As he analyzes the high society in the 1920’s, the author reveals that an American dream has been converted convoluted scheme of materialistic power. According to the author, the American dream is anchored on hard work,…

The Great Gatsby: Brief Summary

Nick, the Narrator, moves to Manhattan to become a trader. He lives in West egg town. In East egg town which is just next over, he reconnects with Daisy Buchanan, his cousin and her husband Tom and also meets their friend Jordan Baker. Nick meets Tom’s mistress Myrtle Wilson, the…

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