The Great Gatsby Analysis of the Protagonist: Jay Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Analysis of the Protagonist: Jay Gatsby
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The Great Gatsby is indeed a great novel written in 1925 by the legendary Scott Fitzgerald. In order to liver his main theme of moral decadence, the author uses a combination of main and minor characters. These also play a very significant role in developing the plot of the novel. This paper presents an in-depth and critical analysis of Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of the novel. It focuses on the protagonist’s background, behaviors and interactions with the rest of the society in which the setting of the play was contextualized.

To begin with, Gatsby is a very mysterious character whose actions are shrouded in secrecy. Initially, it is quite evidenced that he was an ordinary boy who was brought up as an impoverished person right in the rural of North Dakota. Despite his humble beginning, Gatsby has never glorified poverty. All along, he hated it with passion because in his opinion, it would not be something to be proud of. Instead, he highly valued wealth and aspired to be rich regardless of the means of doing so. This compels him to engage in criminal activities so as to get more money. At one time, the audience become aware of his crave desire for wealth when Tom tells Daisy that Gatsby is not a moral person because he merely acquired his wealth through the engagement in fraudulent activities such as the selling of stolen security bonds and illegal distribution of alcohol across the country.

Besides, I would like to report that Gatsby was leading a double life because his he was so pretentious. As a character, he had a great desire for achieving his ill motives no matter what he went through. For example, after falling in love with Daisy to whom he was juxtaposed while serving as a military officer in Louisville, he can not let her go even after finding out that she is now married to Tom. Instead of leaving her to settle in her marriage, he plots a plan to win her back. In fact, it is for this beautiful socialite that Gatsby goes ahead to change his lifestyle and starts living in a magnificent mansion. This demonstrates that he was a very lustful man who could do anything to get love even if that love does not rightfully belong to him.

Last, but not least, Gatsby is portrayed as a very extravagant character. Having used all the possible illegal means to amass millions of dollars, he lavishly spends it. At first, he buys a very big bungalow at the heart of West Egg. Here, he establishes a comfort zone in which he adopts a very pleasant lifestyle. In fact, he organizes for frequent banquets for people to enjoy. Surprisingly, despite heavily spending on such parties, he does not personally attend them. May be, he is doing it so as to please his friends and win the heart of Daisy for whom he’s been dying.

In conclusion, Gatsby, as a protagonist for this novel, plays his role so well. As the main character, his actions really help in building thematic concerns and the plot of the novel. As a unique character, it is quite amazing how he rises from grass to grace, spends his entire time fulfilling his defiant dreams before eventually dying without fulfilling them.