The Great Gatsby: Brief Summary

The Great Gatsby: Brief Summary
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Nick, the Narrator, moves to Manhattan to become a trader. He lives in West egg town. In East egg town which is just next over, he reconnects with Daisy Buchanan, his cousin and her husband Tom and also meets their friend Jordan Baker.

Nick meets Tom’s mistress Myrtle Wilson, the wife of George Wilson who has a gas station in Queens. Myrtle hosts a party and ends up having a broken nose from Tom over Daisy. Nick becomes interested in his neighbor Gatsby and attends one of his parties. Gatsby introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfsheim, a gangster over lunch. Nick develops a relationship with Jordan who reveals Gatsby and Daisy were former lovers, and Gatsby would love to meet her again. Nick organizes the two to meet ‘accidentally’ and rekindles the affair. The five, Jordan, Nick, Gatsby, Daisy and tom meet for lunch, and Gatsby intends to reveal his relationship with Daisy to Tom but backs out. Secrets are revealed once the five books a suite in the plaza. Gatsby reveals his relationship with Daisy, and Tom discovers that Gatsby is a bootlegger. Daisy refuses to renounce her love for Tom and chooses him over Gatsby.

Daisy leaves with Gatsby in his car and hits Myrtle and drives off. Gatsby takes the blame for the incident while he waits for Daisy to change her mind and choose him. Tom and Daisy skip town the next day. Nick splits up with Jordan who is insensitive to Myrtle’s death. Gatsby shares his obsession with Daisy, whom he met during the war. George Wilson kills Gatsby with his gun and then kills himself. The people including Wolfsheim do not want to go to Gatsby’s funeral. Wolfshem reveals to Nick that Gatsby has been his partner in illegal activities for years. Gatsby’s father attends the funeral. Nick finally decides to move back home in the Midwest due to the events in the town.