Thesis Statement for the Great Gatsby

Thesis Statement for the Great Gatsby
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Explain why Gatsby is considered romantic

Cite four specific, detailed examples from The Great Gatsby to support statements. Jay Gatsby was a young man from a poor family in North Dakota. His character has been shown to be a drop out of the college and a trainee for the World War 1 fight. The romantic side of Jay is shown when he falls in love with a beautiful lady called Daisy. She has been portrayed to be a rich, classy, East Coast born family a girl brought up like a princess. The love and romantic extent is seen when he gets the information that Daisy has married someone of her own stature and is an aristocrat (eNotes, 2009).

Jay is referred to be a romantic hero because he has been portrayed to have sacrificed his life for the woman he loves. Jay is a person who is known to make his own future based on his will. This is clearly seen in the following example when Gatsby first met Daisy Buchanan at Nick Carraways house for tea (Spark Notes, 2009). “Luckily the clock took this moment to tilt dangerously at the pressure of his head, whereupon he turned and caught it with trembling fingers and set it back in place” (Pg. 91). Jay has been portrayed to be so truly in love with Daisy and in some ways a worshipper of her. He has taken Daisy to be his life and he had made a strong and truthful commitment when he climbed to her and kissed her. He also makes a promise to be with her again. Jay is shown to climb the sidewalk blocks which have been referred to as ‘form a ladder and mount to a secret place above the trees’, and this has been said as in context of Jacob’s ladder to heaven, “and once there he could suck on the pap of life, gulp down the incomparable milk of wonder” (Lombardi, 2009, p 112).

He has planned his entire life to earn enough money and to gain Daisy back into his life and to be the aristocrat that she could be with instead of her current husband. His love and commitment for Daisy is clear from the fact that he bought house close to hers and at all times hoped to bump into her. Jay’s romantic nature is seen from the fact that he tried all the stunts to keep parties hoping that she would come and he got his friends to arrange for parties and invite her over as well. Jay is very hopeful that she would leave her husband for him however others in this are not quite convinced that Daisy would do so. Jay’s unstoppable search for Daisy can be compared to a medieval knight who seeks the Holy Grail. At night he stands out in front of his house with his “arms stretched out” toward Daisys green dock light (p21).

Jay’s love is seen for Daisy when he stays by Daisy’s window staring at the sky and waiting there to ensure that Tom does not do her any harm. Also the fact that he was willing to take on the murder charges of Myrtle Wilson, who was killed by Daisy, the clear sacrifice shows the intensity of love and the romantic nature (Fitzgerald, 2007). All these events clearly show how Jay is a romantic hero and is love for Daisy is everlasting and pure.

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