Compare and Contrast Essay “The Hunger Games” Book to the Movie

Compare and Contrast Essay “The Hunger Games” Book to the Movie
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Suzanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games while Gary Ross directed its movie version. The book is one of the leading young adult novels rivaling the popular Harry Potter and Twilight series. In the movie, Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen, the book’s dynamic protagonist. The contrast and comparison is achieved by looking at what the movie adds or omits from the book and the impact on the story (Hanlon 1).

The games receive a significant portion of the movie while the bulk of the book is a buildup to the games. The change is expected because films have a significantly less time to tell their story as compared to books. Many young people die during the games. In the book, their deaths are prolonged while in the movie, their deaths happen quickly. This may be influenced by attempts to ensure the film earns a PG13 rating (Hanlon 1). The film also emits the association between Peeta’s family and Katnis’ family before the games. In the book, Peeta’s father brings Katniss cookies that she throws away out of fear that they may be poisoned.

In the book, Katniss Everdeen gives a first person narration of events.The film avoids the use of voice-overs or any first person convention, choosing instead to show the factors that influence the protagonists’ behavior that she is unaware of. The movie tasks Jennifer Lawrence with delivering the emotion .This enables viewers to enjoy the movie more and see what Gale Hawthorne is doing while she is at the games. Gale is Katnis’ best friend from District 13. In the film, Gale’s longing for Katnis as she falls for Peeta is shown (Hanlon 1). In the book, Katnis thinks that the people will not see all the things she did. The movie gives us no reason to suspect there may be things kept from the public.

The movie omits a number of characters while enlarging the role of others. In the book, a District 12 mayor’s daughter gives her the mocking jay pin she wears. In the book, the story of a mutilated servant called Avox is explored as well as Katniss connection to her. These are omitted from the movie. The movie also makes Rue, an icon figure because her death results in a rebellion in District 11 while in the book, Katniss only receives a gift dropped in the arena as a token of appreciation from the District.

The movie makes several additions to the story to achieve dramatic effect. In the book, Cato is assumed to have killed Thresh, a District 11 tribute who saves Katnis’ life. In the movie, by a group of dogs brought by game makers to exterminate the remaining tributes kills Thresh (Hanlon 1). In the first book, the game maker’s failures do not receive attention while in the film he faces a severe penalty for the unsatisfactory outcome of the games.

I understand the motivations behind the differences between the movie and the book. In order for a film to get the best out of a book, it may be necessary to deviate from the material in the book. Books and movies are different mediums that should be interpreted in a way that best fits their strengths and limitations (Hanlon 1). The best movie adaptations maintain the intent and heart of the original source material. The term adaptation suggests that films should make the necessary changes that best serve the film’s intentions rather than limiting themselves to the book. In comparing the book, one can see that the film conveys various themes.

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