The Jungle

The Jungle Essay

‘The Jungle’ is about the poor working conditions, and human rights violations at the time. It is also an illustration of corruption within the government and how corruption worsened the working conditions of the immigrants. The immigrants’ sort to find jobs and improve their standards of living. When immigrants move…

Jurgis Rudkus: Character Analysis

The Jungle is a novel written by Upton Sinclair. It brings out a dramatic view of immigrants and other people when they were exposed to brutal conditions while in Chicago stockyards back in the nineteenth century. At these times, they were struggling to get a share in the American Dream…

Rudkus: Character Analysis

Upton Sinclair authored The Jungle. The novel describes the living conditions of immigrants in the USA with a specific focus on Chicago and other major cities. One major life challenges of immigrants, concerns their exposure to unsafe and unhealthy working conditions in the meatpacking industry, of 20th century America (Sinclair 13)….

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