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The Kite Runner Essay
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The Kite Runner written by American settled Afghan “Khaled Hosseini”, shares the story of two individual boys whose friendship and life go through different turns while they are still quite young. The story traces back to the last days of stable season in the country. Despite their different backgrounds, two young boys are brought together by destiny and results in friendship between the two. The two endup spending their teen age in different parts of the world however are united later .The two main characters of the novel are namely Aamir, the son of the noble man from those days while the second lead character in the novel is Hassan whose father serves as the servant at Aamir’s house. Both of the kids get to spend some time together and play together in their early life, till they are separated by events in form of a tragedy and subsequent invasion of the occupation force of Soviet Union .The rich man takes his son along with him to United States of America .Their relation and adolescent friendship gets compromised at the hands of ethnic conflicts, invasion, and social imbalance. It is a story that shows the relationship between a father and son and most importantly between two friends.

The entire sequence of events in the novel are divided into three phases, the first covers the childhood part of the two adolescents, the second part constitutes Aamir and his father’s departure from their motherland to California, while the third and final part constitute the current day when Aamir returns to his homeland in a new century .Both the kids have one thing in common, both were brought up without a mother and shared a common nurse. The master of the house Aamir’s father shows kindness towards the servant’s child Hassan.

An important event of their childhood that sets their paths a part is kite flying and chasing them, both the kids enjoy flying kites and competing but this does not remain for long and is turned into a life changing event for both of them. Hassan performs the role of chasing the cut kites every time they achieve some success. One of those days playing together they do enjoy some success at kite flying however they come across an event that changes the plot entirely and Hassan gets physically abused during the course of kite flying and chasing. Aamir finds himself totally helpless and watches the incident as a spectator. Not being able to find courage to face Hassan, he decides to take on a path thornier, and hides some valuable material under Hassan’s mattress and makes his father belief that it was done by Hassan. The owner of house as expected, fires both the servant and his son. Soon Afghanistan is invaded by the occupant forces and Aamir’s father being a noble man doesn’t feel safe anymore and takes refuge in United States of America along with his son.

The second part constitutes the years spent at California by Aamir. He grows up there, goes to the local school completes his education, and the father’s health goes down in coming years and eventually depart to land of eternal bliss. Amir’s father gets him wedded to a girl called Soraya before he dies .

The last part of the story is moving one and sees Aamir returning to his motherland which is marked by the beginning of 21st century. He goes there and meets a character named Rahim khan and enquires about everything that happened after their departure. Hassan got married to a local girl and had a baby boy named Sohrab, however Hassan did not get to live long and was killed by Taliban along with his wife, the child, Sohrab remains totally orphaned and is lost someplace .in the course of revelation Aamir finds out that Hassan was his half brother and this encourages him into tracing down Sohrab. In his pursuit for finding Sohrab, Aamir does show some courage and goes through some challenge and eventually manages releasing Sohrab which gives him some comfort inside his heart for all the secrets he is holding and the injustice he did to Sohrab’s father in childhood .Sohrab is reluctant to going to America and leaving his homeland, the last scene of the movie shows Sohrab and Aamir flying kite in the park and reminds Aamir of the vivid memories he shared with Hassan.

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