The Little Prince Summary: A Plot Overview

The Little Prince Summary: A Plot Overview
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The book is written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The plot starts with the narrator introducing himself as a man who realized the lack of imagination and little by adults. He has become a pilot, and he crashed in the desert. He meets a kid who requests him to create a picture of a sheep. The narrator accepts. The narrator calls the kid ‘the little prince.’ He comes to learn that the kid comes from a little planet called B-612. It is small enough to be considered an asteroid by the narrator. The boy tells the events of his life to the narrator. On their planet, the kid uses his time to pull out seedlings of baobab trees so that they do not grow too large and cover his little planet. One day there is a rose that starts growing that delights the kid. He cares for the rose, but her demands and vanity become a lot for this prince, and he, therefore, makes his leave.

The kid moves through several steroids, and each one has one grown-up who has been minimized into a function. First, he encounters a king without subjects who demands obedience. In the next one, he finds a man living alone who wants flattery from the prince. In the third planet, he meets a drunkard ashamed of his habit but will not quit. Next, is a businessman who makes a claim to all stars and thus finds it essential to know the exact number of them. In the fifth planet, he meets a lamplighter, who is under orders to light a certain lamp every evening and then put the lamp out each morning despite the rapid speed that the planet spun.

In the final planet, the prince comes across a geographer. He, however, does not know about his planet as he only takes down information from other explorers. He even asks the kid to describe his planet.

The Prince makes it to earth where he encounters a snake who tells him it is possible to return him home. He sees a rose garden and realizes that the rose back home was not as unique as she had informed him. A fox tells him that they would live together in joy if the boy tamed him.

We are then returned to the narrator who has now spent about eight days with the little price, and his water had run out. The two find a well. The kid wants to return to his planet. To return, a poisonous snake has to bite him. The prince was missing the next morning, and the narrator assumes he has successfully returned. The narrator still wonders of the possibility that the sheep he drew for the price consumed his flower.