The Lottery: Symbolism and Irony Essay

The Lottery: Symbolism and Irony Essay
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Everyone has the capability of expressing opinions about books, plays, songs, movies, and many more. This is due to the evaluation of imaginative literature. Although is the analysis that is given may not reflect in any way with the articulated principles. It is more important for an educated individual to be able to critically analyze and appreciate the artistic craftsmanship of an artist. This study is very vital in the growth of reflection. The literary studies have provided institutions with different approaches that people from different ages have used in time, but the activity has always remained constant (Jackson, 1948, p. 4).

            This story revolves around a small village where people practice tradition. There is an annual lottery that takes place in which a person is randomly chosen through a sto9ne that is violently drawn by both family members and friends. This practice has occurred for close to seventy-seven years. The author has employed the use of a friendly tone to input up this piece of work. She uses a language that is friendlier in describing the villagers and their activities during the presentation of the lottery festival, although these activities are similar to those of Halloween. The reader does not find them disturbing while going through this short story. Jackson also gives a vivid picture of the lives of the women prior to the drawing (Jackson, 1948, p. 2). The event of the lottery is carried out with much anticipation by all the villagers. This creates a mood for the reader to expect a winner to arise, the reader also expects to see the winner to be fated but it all goes haywire when the winner is meets death in the hands of family members and close friends.

I chose this passage from the short story ‘Lottery by Shirley Jackson’ after reading and analyzing the book in a lesson. As I was reading I came across text coding in the story that highlighted the characteristics as well as references to tradition. The other thing that I learned is how Jackson through his book was able to create suspense such as foreshadowing, diction among others. By going through the book I noticed that Jackson used components of literature like symbolism, tone, theme, and irony in the text.

The main focus of this passage is to draw the attention of the reader besides informing them of the ideas and the concept that is in the text. The author achieves by giving relevant information and details that develop the story, it also explains the topic and the insightful information about the story.  By involving the audience, Jackson addresses the awareness about the knowledge level that is expressed by the topic. It also addresses the fundamental needs that the audience requires.

Through this text, we are able to see how appropriate transition that links some section of the story with the aim of creating cohesion and at the same time clarifies the relations that are complex to the ideas and the concepts that are in the text. The style and the language used in this text present the formal objective of the tone. This is evident in the use of relevant language that reflects the specific topic. The management of vocabulary is also complex hence keeping the relevant relationship between the story and the topic. 

This passage gives a vivid picture to the reader through the use of sensory language inform of characterization, events that are taking place in the story, and the setting. In the short story ‘Lottery’ the uses of eloquent words as well as phrases in showing details is very evident. The sensory language also takes center stage in conveying the pictures that are created by the experience the reader gets from the events, setting, and characterization of the text. The other important thing that the reader is able to get from the text is the precise words and p0rases that shows the details are controlled by the sensory language and mood so as to show the vivid picture that is experienced in events and characterization that are highlighted in the setting of the short story ‘Lottery’.

The text is developed using sophisticated dialogue, pacing, and description that gives the reflection to the reader. This description is also responsible for the multiple plot lines, this helps in the developments and illustrate the events that take place in the story.  

The title of the Jackson story revolves around a game of chance whose decision is usually based on pure accident. So the title lottery is a symbol that is used in various ways in the story Lottery is always considered to be good luck, where the lucky ones carry home great deals. Looking at the situation in the short story it proves that an individual can also lose greatly. Lotteries carry the possibility of great danger and they are not responsible for joy and happiness for those that are willing to participate. Through the text, Jackson describes that the cheerful tone always makes people fail.

The irony is highlighted in this passage in many ways. It is evident from the narrator’s point of view. The use of a narrator that is outside the characters, this brings the contrast in the attitude that the reader has on the author. The reader becomes horrified as the events of the stories continue to take place.

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