The Metamorphosis and Spiderman: Essay

The Metamorphosis and Spiderman: Essay
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Both stories are fictional, in which the authors employ the idea of metamorphosis to come up with a story that is very much interesting to the readers (Weiner 30). Symbolism is a technique employed in both stories, which helps the authors to bring out many life experiences besides making people or the readers figure out what is going on or follow up with the storyline. In both stories, the authors use such techniques to bring out many things about life. Both stories begin well with the major characters Gregor Samsa of Kafka’s story and Peter Parker of American comic book story being very good people besides who associate with others well. In their normal living, they are doing what is usual besides what seems good to the other people, who make them live together and share much of their lives in oneness. Whenever a person is capable of giving help or any kind of assistance to people, they tend to be good to him or her and when he is in need of their help, they all run away from him.  

            However, there is a change in both stories where the major characters transform into insects that have defined respective behaviors. Gregor Samsa in Kafka story changes overnight into a vile insect-like creature besides Peter Parker gains or attains a few features of a spider such as agility, strength as well as speed after being bitten by a spider thought to be glowing and radioactive that dies immediately. Movement in both characters is affected in which Gregor starts crawling as most insects do while Peter realizes that he has a lot of energy that he can jump over objects besides he is able to use whatever part of his body to fit tightly to surfaces (Ostovich 62). Gregor’s situation had a very negative effect in he could not meet his relatives and friends who he helped much in the past times when he was upright. This affects him so much that he could not get out of his bedroom to meet, as none of his relatives seems to be enjoying his company. Contrarily, Peter’s transformation is much encouraging, as people seem to be enjoying being with him as he is able to take part or perform many and different activities whereby whatever he tries he succeeds or emerges to be the winner. This makes him very motivated until he plans to engage in activities such as amateur wrestling to test his newly found powers.

            Both Peter and Gregor are of masculine gender that changes into insects that are a spider and a huge insect that is not well defined respectively. They however acquire some of the manners that such insects have besides which they put them into practice. They both have experience with different people in their new situations in which they interact differently.

            At the beginning of the story, Gregor is a working person who is very much helpful to his family, unlike Peter who is just a student. To get into their current situation Gregor just transformed overnight unlike Peter who is bitten by a very powerful spider besides which dies after biting him (Ostovich 62). This makes a great difference because Gregor neither was he bitten nor encountered the huge insect hence he just changed overnight without any known cause, unlike Peter who changed after a bite. In their new situation, Peter after acquiring a spider’s character becomes of more use than before because it makes him succeed in supernatural events that he tries besides which he could not do before. This makes him win more friends as everyone likes and enjoys his success. Gregor’s new situation makes him stay confined in his boudoir, as his people do not like to associate with him while Peter’s state makes him more helpful and exposed, as he is able to engage in new activities and make new friends besides taking part in other useful doings hence becoming a superhero.  

            The two metamorphoses give very clear suggestions on how different human conditions receive varied attention and support. For instance, Gregor was initially supportive of his people before the new condition that required him to be helped besides which his people who he used to give assistance were not ready to give any helping hand whereby they wished he would die faster (Ostovich 62). The same case is very clear from the situation of Peter. Before he changed to be a hero, no one seemed to be attracted to him so much but after acquiring that state he even gets many people involving others who give him advice on what to do. This clearly implies that a person is useful to the other people or to his people only when he or she can give out his or her assistance but not when he is in need, as they will all run away from him or her. This as well indicates that no matter how much help or assistance you give out do not always expect the same support from the very people.

            I prefer helping or giving assistance to other people where possible in spite of how they may treat me in the future. This is because it is always very inhuman to leave your friend or any person in a condition where he or she needs your help. Giving a helping hand as well as appreciating where assisted enhances togetherness in society or family. The adaptation of Peter into his new state seemed more realistic as he could still associate with people even more than before which is even possible for a normal being. Moreover, he did not do many abnormal things as he just acquired the power of a spider besides that did not affect his people and friends negatively.    

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