The Notebook Short Summary

The Notebook Short Summary
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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks narrates the story of Noah and his love, Allie. Their romance began while they were teenagers during a certain summer. However, Allie’s parents separated the two since they deemed Noah inappropriate for their daughter. Over the years, Noah writes for Allie numerous letters, but Allie’s mother confiscates them. As such, Allie believes that Noah had forgotten about her. Noah eventually gets drafted in the military. He then inherits his previous employer’s money and uses it to buy an antique house. Allie then visits him, just three weeks’ shy of her wedding day. Their love immediately blossoms and Noah pleads with her to stay. Allie departs but soon discovers that Noah is her only love.

Noah reads a similar story to Allie, and she sometimes responds. However, medical professionals claim that her response is not possible. One day, Noah decides to read the story, and Alice inquires about the man whom the woman in the narrative selects. She claims she is not aware of Noah and does not also know her name. For hours, they continue to talk with Allie, who later says that she knows who between the two, that was chosen by the lady in the narrative. However, she is unable to relate the story to herself. Noah then admits that he is heartbroken at her unawareness about him. However, he claims that the current days are a lot better than the days he attempted to make her remember.

Throughout their lives, the two have been exchanging letters with one another, and these are a source of Noah’s memories. He compares living in such proximity to Allie without being able to gain full possession of her love to the contrast between day and night. They meet at dusk but never quite touch.

Shortly after, Noah is hit with a stroke. For a while, it appears like he might not survive. Upon being returned to the nursing home where he has lived with Allie since the start of her Alzheimer’s, Noah now demands to see her. This is their 49th anniversary, although he is forbidden to visit Allie at night. Once she has retired to bed, she usually gets frightened easily, never recognizes him, and is highly anxious when awakened. During this particular night, Noah gets confronted by one nurse who empathizes on Noah’s love for Allie. However, the nurse looks away as he passes. Noah then enters her room and wakes her up. Upon waking Allie instantly recognizes him as she starts unbuttoning his shirt.