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The Odyssey

Throughout history, women have been considered the weaker sex. They long existed under the domination of men in both political power and physical abilities. Confinement and an emphasis on delicacy have for centuries been the hallmarks of a noble woman’s lifestyle. Education even into the twentieth century frequently held that women were intellectually incapable of […]
The role of Odysseus as a pain giver in the book Odyssey by Homer is a clear indication of the frustration and emptiness that afflicts its main character. This is because Odysseus has an internal turmoil that is not easy to cure and eradicate. Therefore, he resorts to ridicule, mockery and the murder of those […]
Character and Trancate Analysis In literature, works of art stories and other forms of writings are used to present major ideas and major concepts in a flexible and understandable manner that enables people, particularly children to understand important matters. This is done by telling the story in a way that allows the audience to gain […]
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