The Road Short Summary

The Road Short Summary
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Set within a post-apocalyptic world, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy, gives a narration of a boy and his father’s journey towards the sea in search for uncertain solace. They pass through blasted cities and miles of scorched countryside. Among the ruins are heartless looters and cannibalistic groups. However, they are determined to make it.

A Summary of the Story

An unknown catastrophe has befallen the world and obliterated everything but some few life forms spread across the earth. Most of them are primarily human predators. They carve a brutal and inhuman existence far in contrast to the survivors of the old world. The wasted earth is now occupied by some dogs, heaps of dry bones and a few other travelers as well as cannibalistic communities.

The main characters are a man and his young son. They remain anonymous throughout the novel. The plot commences with the man and boy traveling towards the south coast in what was formerly the United States.  They journey along the empty road with 2 Knapsacks, a shopping cart, and a handgun. The man is suffering a bad cough, and the boy constantly seeks reassurance that all shall be well. To feed themselves, they search for food in abandoned buildings. While asleep, the man also dreams of his wife and their former life.

In a stark difference to their dilapidated surroundings, this man and his son are immensely devoted to one another. In a barren and dangerous landscape in which nothing blooms, their affection for one another flourishes and strengthens, even as they are uncertain of whoever will be the first to die between them. They bear three things in mind during their journey south in search of comfort: they must find nutrition, they must get drinking water, & they must continuously hide.

Within the wilderness, some marauding cannibalistic groups view this man and his son just as they once viewed domestic animals as meat. The only bullet remaining in the man’s gun has been preserved to save his son. He has also taught the boy how to defend himself in case he dies. The boy is the only hope the man has, and the man is the only hope the boy has. The man promises never to abandon his sun, but he cannot be certain about death. Eventually, the man dies. The son- still a young boy, but considerably aged due to his tough challenges- must now find his way alone.