The Stranger

Literary Elements in Albert Camus “The Stranger”

Albert Camus’ “The Stranger” is known for its stark exploration of themes such as alienation, absurdism, and nihilism. It is a classic example of existential literature that examines the fundamental human condition. The story follows the life of Meursault, an emotionally detached outsider who struggles to find meaning in his…

The Stranger Analysis

When a writer writes a novel, he/she considers his/her target audience and how he/she can satisfy their reading pleasure. The writer captivates his/her writers by choosing the right person who tells his or her novel. If the writer chooses the right person to tell his or her story, the story…

The Stranger Short Summary

“The Stranger” is a novel composed by Albert Camus, a French author, in the year 1942. Its outlook and theme are usually cited as anecdotes of the author’s philosophy of the absurd and existentialism. However, Camus himself declined the latter categorization. The following is a summary of the book. The…

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