The Sun Also Rises Short Summary

The Sun Also Rises Short Summary
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“The Sun Also Rises” is seen as the best work of its author, Ernest Hemingway. The novel is based on a memorable trip of Hemingway`s in 1925. The narrator of the novel is Jack Barnes, the protagonist and a young veteran who works as a journalist.

The Short Overview of the Plot

Jack Barnes and some friends live in Paris after WW1. They party a lot but also work occasionally. Robert Cohn is a Princeton Graduate who is weak and has a controlling wife. Brett is a beautiful and exciting divorcee who is often unpredictable. Brett and Jake are in love but do not act on it since Jake is impotent from a war injury. Cohn falls for Brett and convinces her to go on a trip to San Sebastian in Spain.

Brett is in truth, engaged to Mike, a wealthy drunk. Bill, Jakes friend, gets back from Paris, and they hatch a plan to go to Spain for fishing and “running the bulls.” Bill and Jake explore nature together and bond. When they meet up with the others, they all have a great time full of alcohol drama and bullfights

Brett has an affair with Pedro, a bullfighter. Jake regrets introducing them and feels bad about it. Cohn, who is devastated by this, lashes out at everyone and even takes his anger out on Pedro, leaving him bloodied. They all leave Pamplona in states of frustration, anxiety, and depression.

Jake takes a solo trip to the town San Sebastian to unwind. He receives telegrams from Brett and goes after her. Brett is in the city of Madrid, and she had just sent Pedro away. Here, the reader sees Brett as vulnerable, guilty, and also scared. Brett and Jake agree that even though they feel love for one another, they cannot be together.