The Sun is Also a Star Short Summary

The Sun is Also a Star Short Summary
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This book by Nicola Yoon is narrated from a different perspective and gives an account of the romantic encounters between Daniel Jae Ho Bae and Natasha Katherine Kingsley. It also gives the effects the love had on the people around them being that the two are from different cultural backgrounds.

While Natasha is a black girl that hails from a humble background, Daniel id a South Korean descent and is from a middle-class family, Natasha and her family are to be deported from the US because of their immigrant status. Though the other family members see no hope, Natasha tries to get assistance from their immigration lawyer. Daniel, passionate about poetry, meets Natasha on his way to the interview to get admission to Yale to pursue medicine. Natasha is still dealing with immigration issues.

Daniel tries to woo Natasha to a romantic relationship. However, two people have different personalities. They have the first lunch date after Daniel rescues Natasha from being hit by an oncoming vehicle. The two participate in a psychological love experiment which proves they can fall in love with each other. This is after they answer an array of questions. They make inquiries from each other based on the results of the experiment they have done. Daniel has to postpone the interview to walk with Natasha to meet Attorney Fitzgerald. However, Natasha gets to know the devastating news that the lawyer had been involved in an accident, and they could not meet. When Natasha informs Daniel of her immigrant status, he feels bad but insists that their relationship should continue.

They are separated since the lawyer could not stop the deportation order. The two keep in touch and meet ten years later in a plane together with Irene. Irene is a kind girl that heeded to Natasha’s kind words when she was still in the US and did not commit suicide.