The Sun is Also A Star Summary

The Sun is Also A Star Summary
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The novel by Nicola Yoon is a romance story that dives into the questions of love, fate, and God. We have provided a detailed and quick summary of the book. It can go a long way in making it easier for a student writing the book review.

Here Is a Short Summary of the Sun is Also a Star

The plot opens with Natasha gathering her valuables. Peter her little brother is packing boxes since it is the day they were to be deported for being immigrants without documents. Her mother had tried to protest but in vain. Her father Samuel also seems angry. Natasha recognizes this as her final chance of convincing anyone to allow her to stay in the US. She is therefore headed to the USCIS building which is in Manhattan. She goes through Irene, a security guard who makes Natasha late by taking too long to go through her things. Irene, who was lonely, commits suicide later that day. Natasha is lucky as an agent named Lester agrees to see her. He provides her with the business card of an immigration lawyer with whom she gets an appointment.

Elsewhere, Daniel is preparing for an interview to go to Yale. Min Soo, his mother, had been upset by the fact that Daniel’s brother Charlie had been forced out of Harvard. She, therefore, placed her hopes for having a doctor in the house on Daniel. Daniel is not interested in being a doctor. He wants to become a poet. His mother tells him not to become like Charlie, who was then walking into the kitchen and heard it. Daniel leaves the house for the city via train to get a haircut before an appointment. The train stops a few steps away from Daniels home, and he decides to walk the rest of the distance. He sees Natasha going into a record store and follows her.

Natasha comes across her ex-boyfriend, kissing a girl by the name Kelly. Kelly was stealing records which surprises both Daniel and Natasha. Robs tries to approach Natasha, but Daniel makes him flee by accusing him of stealing. Natasha leaves without even talking to Daniel, who follows her. Natasha is lost in her music and almost gets knocked by a BMW that had run the light. Daniel reacts in time to pull her back, and they fall. He then invites her for coffee. Natasha is Jamaican, and Daniel is Korean- American. Natasha has a passion for science while Daniel is a poet who believes in true love. He decides to make her fall for him “scientifically. They take a walk to Natasha’s appointment which she keeps from him. They like each other, but Natasha does not want to admit this. Attorney had just been hit by a car and would not be available then.

Daniel had postponed the interview and was waiting for her. The two go to Harlem where Daniels dad Dae Hyun owned a hair care store.  Daniel is hesitant in allowing Natasha to go in with him with the fear that his father’s offensive racism. They both go in. In the store, Charlie taunts them. Dae Hyun then offers Natasha, who had an afro, hair relaxer which seems offensive according to Daniel. He gets them out of there and apologizes for racism in the world which impresses Natasha.

They then get on a train to the city for lunch at Daniels favorite restaurant. Natasha does not understand why Daniel informs people he is from Korea and yet he had been born in America.

After eating, Daniel leads them to the next room where there was Karaoke. They both perform, and they kiss after Natasha performs a sad song and is overwhelmed with emotions after the kiss.

Daniel attempts to learn what she was afraid of which starts a fight between them. Daniel expresses his anger of the fact that Natasha fails to admit there is something between them. Natasha finally tells him that she is an immigrant who was to be deported in a few hours. He finds it hard to swallow. They part angrily, and each goes their way.

Natasha heads for the museum and browses the meteorites section. She feels the idea of love is ridiculous. Natasha heads back to the Attorney’s office. The narrator informs us of what happened between Natasha and his father. Samuel arrived at the US with the intentions of being an actor. He had landed a part in his favorite play “A Raisin in the sun.” Patricia was not impressed and even failed to attend during the opening night.  Samuel got drunk after the play and got a DUI. He told the officer of his undocumented status which led to the deportation notice. Attorney Fitzgerald confirms he can revert the notice. Natasha is relieved and decides to share the good news with Daniel. She goes to Dae Hyun’s shop to locate him.

Daniel goes back to his father’s shop to confront Charlie, and they engage in a fight. After the fight, Dae Hyun gives Daniel an ultimatum that if he fails to go to Yale to become a doctor, he will not provide financial help. According to the narrator, Dae Hyun wants to give his children a better future from his experience with poverty.

Daniel goes to Natasha’s in Manhattan hoping he would find her. They cross paths unknowingly at Manhattan bus stop, and both of them even give money to a violinist on the street. Natasha reaches the store and finds Charlie, who gives her Daniels phone number.

She calls him, and Daniel is happy to hear from her. Daniel apologizes for meddling in her business.  Natasha goes back to the attorney’s office after which Daniel realizes the same building where his appointment was. They discuss the coincidences of that day and Natasha realizes that the chain of events took place started with Irene delaying her. She calls Lester and asks him to thank her.

Daniel signs in for the appointment and takes Natasha to the roof, where they meet a smoking security guard. Natasha criticizes him for smoking. The man realizes how much the two of them reminded him of the connection he had with his late wife. He lets them go to the roof. They kiss and then discuss their theories on the connection in the universe.

Daniel becomes late for the interview with Fitzgerald. He enters and finds Hannah, the assistant crying. Attorney Fitzgerald reveals that he was unable to resolve Natasha’s situation. The narrator reveals that the attorney failed to call the judge and instead spent the afternoon with Hannah, whom he would later leave his wife for.

Daniel decides to tell Natasha the news himself. He finds her in the lobby and gives her the news. She is distraught and cries. Daniel promises to take her home and still accompany her to the airport.

When they reach the apartment, Daniel becomes ashamed after seeing how Natasha and her family was. The apartment is disorganized because of the packing. Samuel expresses his anger at Natasha for being out all day. Natasha confronts him and tells him that when they get to Jamaica, Samuel has to try to make it in acting and not just living in his dreams. Natasha and Daniel take a cab to the airport. They declare their love for each other and Natasha gets on the plane.

The two make efforts to keep in touch but eventually grow apart as Natasha adjusts to the culture in Jamaica. Natasha was not aware that she had saved Irene from suicide with her call to Lester.

Irene got assistance and becomes a flight attendant. She recognizes Natasha ten years later on one of her flights. Natasha also recognizes her. Daniel happens to be just a few seats from her.

We hope this synopsis is of great assistance.