Taming of the Shrew Short Summary

Taming of the Shrew Short Summary
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As the play by William Shakespeare begins, the reader encounters Christopher Sly, a drunkard being thrown from a tavern. He is recovered being dressed like a lord and convinced that he had been sleeping for close to 15 years. A show is also put up for him.

In the show, Lucentio enters Padua accompanied by his servant by the name Tranio. They hear Hortensio and Gremio discussing how much they love the young daughter of Baptista. Lucentio meets Bianca, and he immediately develops feelings for her. However, there is a problem since Bianca’s elder sister Kate has to get married first. Lucentio and Hortensio hatch a plan to win the love of Bianca either way. Lucentio disguises himself as a schoolteacher and goes to seduce Bianca.

Lucentio then tells Petruchio of Verona about Cate. He convinces him to marry Kate. Petruchio dresses as a school teacher and is allowed to marry Kate. After he marries Kate, he begins to treat her harshly. Meanwhile, Lucentio reveals his true personality to Bianca and wins her affection. They play many tricks with Tranio to make the marriage a reality.

Hortensio, Petruchio, and Kate meet the father of Lucentio. They congratulate him since his son is getting married. Vincentio finds the imposters in the name of Pendant and Tranio. The two accuse Vincentio and even ask Baptista to take him to prison. When Lucentio appears, he reveals the truth of what is going on.

Lucentio’s birth father accepts to the marriage. On the other hand, Hortensio later marries a widow since he cannot find Bianca. Kate is still being treated badly by Petruchio. There is a final banquet where they talk of who is shrewish of the women they have married. It is Kate that comes out shrewish. As a result, Petruchio is viewed in awe by the other men.