Spirit Ariel Character Analysis

Spirit Ariel Character Analysis
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The spirit Ariel encounters Prospero when he goes to the Island and from that moment decides to serve Prospero after Ariel was rescued from where Sycorax, the witch trapped him. Ariel is loyal. The spirit does everything as directed by the Prospero. We earn that it is Ariel that causes the storm that causes the shipwreck. Ariel also separates the travelers so that the Ferdinand can reach Miranda fast. Besides, Ariel’s magic power is what stops Caliban and his group from killing Prospero through the music that he plays to distract them. Ariel does everything to ensure that everything goes in favor of Prospero.

Ariel is also powerful. This can be seen as the things he does in the play. For example, it takes his magical powers to wreck the ship. He also ensures that Ferdinand is separated from Alonso and his group though they are all safe. After that, he prevents Sebastian and Antonio from killing Alonso. Finally, Ariel facilitates the final meeting between Alonso and Prospero that leads to the restoration of Prospero’s Dukedom. It is safe to say that it is Ariel’s magical powers that engineers most of the happenings in the play.

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